Reggae – Not Just Limited To Jamaica

Music from the Caribbean Islands has long entertained fans world over. Music such as Calypso, dance hall, and ska have evolved from each other and over a period of time have got fused into what is known as reggae.

Reggae has been influenced a lot by African rhythms and American blues. This genre of music is characterized by strong bass line and bass drum beating which end up giving reggae its own unique flavor.

Reggae originated on the island of Jamaica. This island nation is home to numerous musicians and record producers from Jamaica have launched careers of many reggae musicians. Reggae musicians like Horace Andy and Burning Spear have achieved international fame. However, the most popular artiste from this genre of music is none other than Bob Marley. He enjoyed legendary status and was accorded a state funeral in Jamaica upon his demise.

Then there is Johnny Nash, Desmond Dekker and Jimmy Cliff who have had tremendous success in the British pop charts. Bands like UB40, The Clash, The Police and Selector have managed to fuse reggae with rock and roll. UB40 is one of the first and most successful multi-racial groups in the UK promoting a fusion of reggae and rock.

Reggae music covers a lot of social issues like political freedom and poverty. These songs have become synonymous with people who grow up in shanty towns and struggle to make ends meets. Some of the songs from this genre are about Rastafarian religion, which was made popular across the world by the legendary Bob Marley. However, some songs are controversial as they defend the use of cannabis.

Reggae has influenced many other forms of music. However, music experts agree that reggae needs another alluring and captivating figure like Bob Marley to spread the music even further.

Article Source: by milesgehm

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