I Shot the Sheriff – The Life of Bob Marley

It was on February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles, St. Ann, Jamaica when a famous Jamaican singer was born into this world – Robert Nesta Marley. Popularly known as Bob Marley, this singer gave birth to hit songs such as “No Woman No Cry,” “Redemption Song,” “I Shot the Sheriff,” and much more. He was married to Rita Anderson Marley and was blessed with nine children.

Bob Marley started his singing career with ska genre and later moved to reggae music. From 1970 to 1980, Marley has been playing, singing, and teaching. Together with two famous musicians – Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston, they formed the reggae group The Wailers, which received phenomenal success in the world of music, giving pride to Jamaican flag. Marley has made significant contribution to reggae music because he is regarded as the one responsible for the acceptance of reggaes songs in the mainstream music industry.

In 1976, the Jamaican political condition was somewhat violent. He was supposed to appear in a concert at that year when he was shot while inside his home. Before the concert, Marley has been receiving death threats because the supposedly concert was perceived to be in support for then Jamaica’s Prime Minister Michael Manley. According to reports, Marley was shot because of political reasons. He was believed to be shot by a supporter of the JLP, a rival political party.

Although Marley was shot in his head he was able to recover from the shooting incident. It was on May 11, 1981 when Marley succumbed to cancer because of a soccer injury he had in the past. What started to be an injury in his foot that Marley refused to be amputated turned into cancer which spread in his lungs and brains and claimed his life.

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