Experience the Warmth and Congeniality of the Jamaican Culture

For generations, Montego Bay has been a leading Caribbean getaway, captivating visitors with fantastic beaches, breathtaking mountain views, a lively culture and exciting Jamaica attractions. Take the last minute flight to get the unique opportunity to discover the history, ambiance and heritage of this exceptional island nation.

Low-key and relaxed, Mo-Bay (as the locals call it) is warm year-round. Swim and snorkel in clear water at Doctor’s Cave and Fletcher Beach, dive in the ominously named Widowmaker’s Cave, golf on courses such as Half Moon and Tryall, feed a hummingbird at the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and tour Rose Hall Great House, there’s always plenty to see and do every day of the year.

There is one airport called Sangster International Airport. Airfare is easy to come by, so finding cheap flights to Montego Bay is a fairly easy process for travelers. British Airways and US Airways are two of the key players offering maximum discounts. There are many outdoor activities, including Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary, the numerous public beaches, and the water park, Agua Sol Theme Park. There are also plenty of ocean tours, dolphin encounters, and horseback riding adventures in the area as well. For those interested in history, there is the Greenwood Great House, which once belonged to famous poet Elizabeth Barret Browning’s cousin and now serves as a museum for antique instruments and furniture.

Get a cheap flight ticket to spend on the many shopping options ranging from farmers markets that sell local fare to large shopping malls. As far as nightlife goes, visitors will find many options. Gloucester Avenue, also known as “hip strip,” is a new popular party spot for the area. There are numerous restaurants in the area as well. Some serve traditional Jamaican food, while others have more Americanized options. Some of the most popular for tourists include the Pork Pit and The Twisted Kilt Lounge, both of which offer outdoor seating and affordable pricing.

Flights to Montego Bay will let you savor and experience the warmth and amiability of the Jamaican culture, which is what sets this island apart from other Caribbean destinations. Jamaica represents a rich blend of cultures that have set down on the island’s shores over the past several centuries.

At Rose Hall Resort there is a full host of activities, designed for children 5 – 12. This supervised program incorporates both physical and creative activities – with offerings on a full- or half-day basis.

Tourist attractions are designed to offer guests a unique opportunity to discover this beautiful Jamaican Land. With specialty programs through The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort, Rose Hall, Jamaica, Eco-tourism is another way to discover the natural beauty, native plants, distinctive marine life and rich cultural heritage indigenous to Montego Bay.

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